The impact of the tsunami that came to Papua make the Holtekamp steam power plant project submerged by sea water, 115-150 cm.

President Director of PLN said "On Friday (11/03/2011) around 23:00 hours local time, the sea water entering the power plant on the north coast of Papua Holtekamp, ​​between Jayapura and Papua New Guinea border. Area warehouses, and a location that is not a project area"said Dahlan.

Because of this puddle, the material is placed in storage projects part submerged. Containers are also a storehouse of material even abject 20-50 meters.

"When the inventory is being done by contractors and PLN. At the time of the incident there was no officer there. All personnel have been evacuated since at 18:30, and they were returning to the project site at 01.00 am.

Dahlan said the plant project is one of the acceleration program generating 10,000 MW. The new coal-powered power plant to be completed next year.